We recently heard about a delighted BringIt customer who found himself in a pickle in the middle of the day.

He had a big day scheduled — one of those beauties with back-to-back meetings all day and no breathing space, never mind lunch. Just before the meetings kicked in, he purchased a new monitor on sale thinking he could just quickly take it home.

But computer equipment being what it is, the box the monitor came in was too large and unwieldy to carry through the streets — certainly not in a hurry.

He immediately got out the BringIt app and booked a pickup from the electronics store for the end of the day. That meant that he got through his busy workday schedule and could be home to receive the delivery in line with his schedule. All for just $6.99. “It was a relief not having to worry about that during all my running around,” he told us. “And it was such a reasonable price, I started wondering why I don’t do that more often. I’ll definitely remember it next time.”