We love hearing about how BringIt helps keep even large-scale projects on track, and we recently heard how tradespeople are using BringIt to keep things on schedule.

A commercial building renovation was well underway in Wellington when the builders encountered some unexpected snags which would prevent the build proceeding until they could be resolved. Many of us have been there before: you’re in the middle of some home renovations or upgrades and something unforeseen happens which means your building consent needs updating. On a commercial scale this kind of unanticipated hold up can create a cascading and costly disruption to progress, sidelining subcontractors and threatening deadlines and budgets.

In the past, the getting consent for changes needed to be shuttled around engineers, architects and clients for approvals and signatures before finally being marched to Council for sign-off. Thanks to BringIt, though, this scenario looks very different today. After getting email communications sorted with the necessary parties, the project manager was able to have the required forms sent to the Council offices via BringIt for quick consent processing. Another BringIt courier was arranged to have the approved paperwork couriered back to the building site and the project was back on track in no time.

Use BringIt to keep timelines and budgets on target on a commercial scale? Yes, you can.